Nightclubs in Uppsala

One of Sweden’s most popular student cities offers nightclubs, bars, pubs, and more for visitors. However, if you are a student or lucky enough to get access to a ticket, there is something called “nationer” or nations in Uppsala. These are essentially clubs or organizations that host events and parties niched for students and their visitors in the city. They are known for being highly creative and providing their guests with a lot of value for the money in terms of food, drinks, and tickets. Compared to its city neighbour Stockholm, guestlists are not as common but still occurs here! Then, as for the “best” nightclubs in Uppsala, we of course first recommend checking out the nightli app on Google Play or Appstore. Otherwise, we also suggest visiting destinationuppsala who provides a great guide of where you can have pre-drinks, go clubbing, and a fun after-party. Now, be sure to have a great time partying in Uppsala and remember to show your nightli profile when entering the nightclub!