Nightclubs in Stockholm

Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, impresses most visitors due to its huge party atmosphere and large versatility at night. Those who go-out can find events like, after works, DJ plays, live concerts, nightclubs, bars, pubs, or more casual mingle places. Almost all parts of Stockholm offer some of these nightly activities, but especially the nightclub party scene is divided into two more heavily crowded areas called Stureplan at Östermalm and Slakthusområdet at Södermalm. These two places are providing nightlife enthusiast with quite different experiences ranging from more exclusive table services closer to the city center at Stureplan, to more open dance parties around Slakthusområdet. However, a more common city location for tourists is Gamla Stan or Old Town that provides some nightclubs but mostly bars, pubs, and restaurants. Perfect for a more relaxed evening! More club and nightlife information about Stockholm can be found in our app. Nightli is doing the best to provide all users with the essential knowledge for a night out in Stockholm including age restrictions, open hours, event themes, guestlists, and more. Also, for those of you interested in reading more about Stockholms events we suggest Alltomstockholm.