Growing Sweden's night-time economy online!

nightli Ⓡ is a mobile app and web application built by Tribed Community AB at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Today nightli is one of the top clubbing platforms with satisfied night-time users across Sweden. But tomorrow, the app will expand and increase activity in all stages of going out. We partner with companies sharing nightli's purpose of growing the global nightlife scene online and want to reduce unfair biases at night! The social network connects nightclubs, visitors, and event organizers through an exciting game where clubbers can collect points and earn rewards. Groups are encouraged to socialize instead of staying home and are provided a fair customer experience based on their engagement. Nightli makes the best of clubbing accessible to anyone, anywhere, and helps nightclubs grow effortlessly with new insights!


Company news

Supported by KTH Innovation.

Among many strong applicants nightli Ⓡ was one of the few projects selected to participate in the KTH innovation pre-incubator program starting Fall 2019. The group of start-ups selected (Batch 10) are presented with office space, juridical support, experienced business advisors and more. For Tribeds business, this support provides well recieved validation of project nightli Ⓡ and our mission of building a digital nightlife of the future. In addition, working alongside other successful start-ups inspires us to continue innovating and build a forward-thinking company culture.

Launching the 1st version

Upon releasing the very first BETA version of nightli, local news picked up the story and shared our mission of creating an equal opportunity for anyone to become a top guest/customer in the nightlife scene and reduce different biases towards individuals based on assumptions that are unrelated to customer value.

Nightli´s partners

The party group


Henrik Hellbe


Please contact me for sales, marketing or other general inquires.


Eric Lewerentz


Happy to answer technical or service-related questions.


Ramtin Javanmardi


Making sure your club-data is accessible and safely stored.



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